About Voltage Converters / Transformers

 How do I choose the right transformer?

On the back of your appliance, you will find a label describing the power requirements. You should see a label describing the Wattage (W) or the Amperage (A) of the appliance. Once noted, choose a voltage transformer / converter which can handle a higher amount of wattage then your device is rated at. Certain devices which are motor based may require additional power to start up then indicated (know as Surge), in this case you should generaly add an extra 20% to the power requirements of your device. However some high surge devices have been known to consume 2 or 3 times the wattage indicated.

What type of converter do I need for a TV or monitor?

To connect a television to a converter you must choose a converter more powerful that what is indicated at the rear of your TV set, because it creates a surge when it is turned on. We would recommend the VC750W for any TV or Monitor.

Can I use several appliances on the same transformer?

Yes as long as you don’t exceed the Wattage capacity of the voltage converter. A “surge protector” is required. You can find them on this web-site as well.

What is the difference between a voltage converter and voltage regulator?

  1. A voltage regulator functions as a voltage converter as well as a voltage stabilizer.
  2. A voltage stabilizer will stabilize the electricity to fixed current.
  3. This unit is usually used in countries where the voltage currency is not stable.
  4. The voltage regulator will stabilize a voltage fluctuation between 75v-130v to 110v (+- 4%).
  5. The voltage regulator will stabilize a voltage fluctuation between 180v-260v to 220v (+- 4%).

The VC transformers have an American plug on the picture, but I want to use them overseas...

VC model transformers come with an American-to-European plug adapter GS20 (American input and output of 2 Round pin grounded). You can find additional types of “plug adapters” on the web-site or view our Voltage Guide to find out which plug a given country uses.

I have a product that has a UK, Australian or Indian plug on it, can I connect it to the VC models?

Yes, you can connect it directly to the VC series transformers since they come with a UNIVERSAL outlet which can accept any 220 Volt/50Hz (overseas) plug type except for the South African plug.

Do voltage converters convert the cycle (Hz)?

All voltage converters only convert the voltage and not the cycle, however most appliances and electronics will function properly with them. North American 110-120 volt electricity is generated at 60 Hz. (Cycles) Alternating Current. Most foreign 220-240 volt electricity is generated at 50 Hz. (Cycles) Alternating Current. This difference in cycles may cause the motor in your 60 Hz. North American appliance to operate slightly slower when used on 50 Hz. foreign electricity. This cycle difference will also cause analog clocks and timing circuits that use Alternating Current as a timing base to keep incorrect time. Most modern electronic equipment including battery chargers, computers, printers, stereos, tape and CD players, VCR/DVD players, etc. will not be affected by the difference in cycles.


About Power Inverters

What is the difference between a 12-Volt and 24-Volt Power Inverter?

The difference is the type of battery you want to run your power inverter on. Most vehicles run off a 12 volt battery. The 24 volt are generally used in large trucks or industrial motors. For more information feel free to contact us.

What is meant by "continuous 2200 watts and peak 5000 watt surge"?

Some appliances or tools, such as ones with a motor, require an initial surge of power to start up (“starting load” or “peak load”). Once started, the tool or appliance requires less power to continue to operate (“continuous load”).

What can a power inverter do and what can I use one for?

A power inverter converts DC power into conventional AC power which can run all kinds of household products such as: kitchen appliances, microwaves, power tools, TVs, radios, computers and more. You just connect the inverter to a battery, and plug your AC devices into the inverter and you’ve got power on the go.

Can I operate a microwave with a power inverter?

The power rating used with microwave ovens is the “cooking power” which refers to the power being “delivered” to the food being cooked. The actual operating power requirement rating is higher than the cooking power rating (for example, a microwave with “advertised” rating of 525 watts usually corresponds to almost 1100 watts of power consumption). The actual power consumption is usually stated on the back of the microwave. If the operating power requirement cannot be found on the back of the microwave, check the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

    Do any power inverters above 400 watts include a cigarette lighter adapter?

    No, cigarette lighters cannot handle large loads, the highest model with a cigarette lighter is the PW400-12. If the cigarette lighter in your car is rated at 10 AMPS you will only be able to use the inverter up to 120 watts, 15 Amps will allow you to use it up to 180 watts and a 20 Amps up to 240 watts or up to 400 watts using the cables by connecting them directly to the battery.

    Why is the Volt Meter showing me low/high voltage?

    Make sure your volt meter is a true RMS reader, if it is not, the voltage rating will most likely be off when testing the voltage output on any type of Power Inverter.

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